What's Expiring on Netflix? (6/1/13)

For cinephiles like me, Netflix is a godsend. These days, their streaming service alone is loaded with so many great titles that we can hardly keep up! That is why I am dedicated this weekly feature to telling you which genre (or generally interesting/edgy) films are going to be expiring this week, so you can hurry up and catch them before they're gone! The following genre titles expire June 1st:

Crack in the World (1965)

To access a cache of geothermal energy buried deep inside the Earth's crust, a team of scientists (led by Dana Andrews) decides to detonate an atomic device ... despite one doctor's (Kieron Moore) dire warning that doing so could prove deadly. Now, as a result of their actions, Earth's surface has begun to crack, and everyone on the planet could perish. Andrew Marton directs this scientifically improbable sci-fi classic. 

Island of Despair (1969) aka 99 Women

A group of 99 female inmates at an island prison endure the wrath of a sadistic superintendent (Mercedes McCambridge) while 500 male prisoners under the supervision of their warden (Herbert Lom) suffer similar indignities. These worlds collide when the female prison becomes a brothel. Luciana Paluzzi, Rosalba Neri and Maria Rohm also make appearances in this Spanish sexploitation shocker from legendary director Jesus Franco. 

The Monitors (1969)

This Chicago-based was comedy troupe Second City's singular attempt at a feature film. In this darkly comic sci-fi film, a race of aliens known as the Monitors comes to Earth and exerts rigid control over all of humanity, instituting a series of strict new "laws" designed to rid the world of dangerous vices. It's up to a passionate band of underground rebels to kick the extraterrestrial hall monitors out and send them back to outer space where they belong.

White Dog (1980)

After hitting a German shepherd with her car, young actress Julie (Kristy McNichol) adopts it and nurses it back to health. When she discovers that her pet has been trained to viciously attack black people, she convinces dog trainer Keys (Paul Winfield) to try to cure the animal. Samuel Fuller directs this controversial, chilling drama based on Romain Gary's 1970 memoir, Chien Blanc.

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