What's New on Netflix? (6/16/13)

As part of my continuing series about the ebb and flow of Netflix Instant titles, here are the latest in new genre films! Some fantastic exploitation films in particular were just added today, take a look:

Rolling Thunder (1977)

The movie Quentin Tarantino loves so much he named a distribution company after it, Rolling Thunder stars William Devane stars as a Vietnam war veteran who take revenge upon some thieving crooks who attacked him and his family. Tommy Lee Jones plays his vet best friend, who joins him in exacting his vengeance.

Blackenstein, the Black Frankenstein (1973)

You have no doubt heard of Blacula, but what about Blackenstein?  This one is also about a Vietnam veteran who loses a limb (or four), only this guy gets turned into a Mary Shelley-esque homicidal monster by "science." It's a terrible, outrageous blaxploitation but fans of bad movies should get a kick out of it. By the way, the tagline is: "To stop this mutha, takes one bad brutha."

Miami Connection (1987)

Speaking of wonderfully bad movies, Miami Connection is among the greatest. This long-forgotten martial arts/rock-and-roll movie was recently given a second life by Drafthouse Films and now it has become a cult sensation. It's about a band of black belts who take on drug-dealing ninjas in Miami. It must be seen to be believed. I dedicated one of my Trainwreck Cinema episodes to it, take a look:

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