SDCC '13 Horror Cosplay - PART 1

It's that time of year again! Sweaty nerds are packed into the San Diego Convention Center this weekend for Comic Con International. Truly the happiest place on Earth, there are celebrity meet-and-greets, film panels with geek icons and megastars alike, endless comic book and merchandise dealers, countless artists, and of course - perhaps SDCCs most famous attribute - the cosplayers. If you're not familiar with that term, well, it's basically people in costumes. Specifically, the most awesomely creative and often-homemade costumes you'll find anywhere. It's only day 2 of the convention but already I've seen hundreds of amazing costumes. I've been noticing some sweet horror-themed ones, so I figured I'd share them here. There will likely be a part 2 to this article once the con is over.

Ash & the Necronomicon

Yes, like the horror version of Deadpool or Harley Quinn, Ash is the character that everyone cosplays as at some point. There is at least one at every convention (comic or horror), and they're often girls, weirdly enough. But I like that these two chose to cosplay with a Book of the Dead, too! Kudos on the homemade book!

They Live Hooter Girl

If you're going to cosplay in something skanky, at least make it simultaneously awesome like this! Love the mask, the body make-up, and the little details - like her shirt that says "Reproduce." Which is exactly the goal Hooters uniforms are shooting for anyway ;)

Walking Dead comics' Andrea, Glenn, and Michonne

Yes, Walking Dead cosplay is everywhere right now but I like these guys  because they are based on Robert Kirkman's comics, not the show. Well, Glenn could be either (they stuck pretty close to the books on that one), but check out Andrea's facial scar and Michonne's clothes. Love it!

Spider Lady?

I'm not sure if this character exists or who she is, but this cosplay is AMAZING. What an intricate costume and amazing makeup! I cannot even imagine walking through a sweltering, packed convention in this get-up, so good for her!

Oz Flying Monkey

The Oz stories are not exactly horror, but I wanted to include this one because - much like the spider lady above - this one has some really impressive FX makeup! Look at those wings!!


 And finally, of course there was a Sharknado costume already. It may lack the makeup skills or craftmanship of the above cosplays, but it makes it for it with timing and humor. 

 Want to see more? Part 2 is HERE

Did I miss any? Be sure to share any photos or links you may find for other horror cosplayers!

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