"Fresh Meat" Hottie of the Month: Jeffrey Combs

Editor's Note: I frequently see horror websites that only recognize the heterosexual male portion of their audience with "Hottie of the Week" features showcasing stuff like Danielle Harris in a Maxim spread. Hey, I love the ladies of horror as much as any guy, but why not: a) realize some of your readers like the dick, and b) also pay tribute to that person's accomplishments as well as their sexiness? That is why I started this feature tentatively called "Fresh Meat" to honor horror's more masculine hotties. If anyone would like to suggest a hottie, feel free comment below or email me! -Heather

July's honoree may seem like an odd choice for some, but most lady horror fans I know ADORE this man. Jeffrey Combs is the epitome of a character actor, so a quick Google Image search will tell you that he never looks the same in any two works. Ever since I first saw him in Re-Animator, I have been enamored of him. I chose Jeffrey for this month because lately I can't get Herbert West out of my head (due in no small part to Charlie Day's sexy Herbert West-style in Pacific Rim).

Combs' horror career began in 1983's Frightmare, but two years later, Re-Animator kicked off a decades-long relationship with director Stuart Gordon. Together they, along with eternal horror hottie herself Barbara Crampton, created more Lovecraft love like From Beyond and Castle Freak. I had the pleasure of seeing Combs play Edgar Allen Poe in Baltimore (at Poe's memorial site no less) under the direction of Gordon, and it was amazing. During the one-man performance, Combs completely transformed into Poe and captivated the audience with ease. I met him then, and again later at a convention and he is ever the kind, charming gentleman you'd hope.

In addition to the aforementioned films, Combs has appeared in a plethora of late 80s/early 90s cult favorite such as The Guyver, Cellar Dweller, and Robot Jox. He has also turned in some memorable performances in Love and a .45 and as the insane agent Milton Dammers in The Frighteners (probably my second favorite Combs performance). He also had a tiny-but-terrifying role as Dr. Vannacutt in the House on Haunted Hill remake. I still find it difficult to watch him in that, it unnerves me so much!   

Star Trek fans should certainly recognize Jeff because he has played different roles on Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. He has also had success as a voice actor, playing notable roles such as The Question on Justice League and The Scarecrow on The New Batman Adventures.

I could and will watch this man in everything he does. With Combs, you are always guaranteed an interesting and committed performance. He has that cross-over appeal of being a loveable cult favorite but also a genuinely talented thespian. He instantly elevates the quality of everything he is in. Hell, the first time I visited Universal Studios Orlando a few years ago, I got on the Poseidon's Fury ride and had a squee-fit when I recognized Jeffrey as the villain!

Okay, so let's get down to the nitty-gritty: Jeff always has been cute as hell, and continues to be a handsome guy now at age 58 (yeah, I can't believe he's almost 60 either). He always did have a young face - at 30 years old, he played medical school student Herbert West (and could've easily passed as a college freshman).

Those big, dark eyes and adorable smile are enough to make anyone swoon. For the Combs fetishists, I have to recommend Fred Olen Ray's laughably bad, The Phantom Empire, if only to watch Jeffrey in the tightest jeans ever worn by anyone, and get molested by busty alien babes.

And here comes the random assortment of eye candy from one of the greatest working character actors out there. Love you, Jeffrey!

Thank you http://fuckyeahjeffreycombs.tumblr.com for the eye-candy!

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