Interview: John Jarratt discusses Tarantino, "Shiver", "Wolf Creek 2" and more!

Friend of VDA, David (aka JV) recently chatted with genre icon John Jarratt about one of his latest films, Shiver, also starring Danielle Harris and Casper van Dien. You may know Jarratt from roles in Wolf Creek, Rogue, Django Unchained, and more. John called us "from the future" - well, 8am "tomorrow" in Australia - for a chat about Shiver, just released on DVD on October 8th. 

They also got into Peter Weir's Picnic at Hanging Rock, John's thoughts on playing villains, and whether it's true that he was originally up for the role of Stuntman Mike in Death Proof! Jarratt also gives us some info about the much-anticipated forthcoming sequel, Wolf Creek 2!

Check out the full interview below. Please excuse the small delay between responses - he was calling us from Down Under after all!

You can pick up Shiver on DVD below:

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