"Fresh Meat" Horror Hottie of the Month: Sam Raimi

Editor's Note: I frequently see horror websites that only recognize the heterosexual male portion of their audience with "Hottie of the Week" features showcasing stuff like Danielle Harris in a Maxim spread. Hey, I love the ladies of horror as much as any guy, but why not: a) realize some of your readers like the "D"; and b) also pay tribute to that person's accomplishments as well as their sexiness? That is why I started this feature called "Fresh Meat" to honor horror's more masculine hotties. If anyone would like to suggest a hottie, feel free comment below or email me! -Heather

Anyone who knows me knows that I am hopelessly, eternally in love with this month's honoree and the work he has done. It was only a matter of time before I showcased him here on Fresh Meat because, in addition to all that talent, Sam has always been some level of cute/handsome/JESUS-FUCK-STOP-IT-WITH-YOUR-FACE-ALREADY! Maybe you never noticed because he rarely shows his mug on-screen in his own movies but a viewing of Indian Summer or Intruder will show you what I mean.

 I don't really need to tell you why I love him as a filmmaker. As you probably already know, I am a giant fan of the Evil Dead series. I love many of Sam's other films, as well, but I also fell in love with his kindness, his worth ethic, and of course, his unique visual style. I remember the moment I fell head-over-heels - I was reading Bruce Campbell's "If Chins Could Kill" when I was a teenager and the stories of Sam from the set of Evil Dead gave me a ton of respect and admiration for the director. Here was this incredibly inventive filmmaker who made his first horror masterpiece when he was barely older than me at the time when I read that book!

The more I found on Sam, the deeper I fell. Talented, funny, AND cute? Not even fair! Plus, watch interviews or commentary with Sam and you can tell he's an "old soul." Not gonna lie - the way he still calls movies "pictures" is adorable. He famously wears suits on his sets as an ode to Hitchcock which, along with how ridiculously nice he is, adds to his gentlemanly nature. I can also vouch for the nicest-guy-in-Hollywood thing as I met the man in person and he was insanely kind to me.

Aside from making great movies, Sam did occasionally show up in his friends' films. Like his role of Randy the butcher in Scott Spiegel's Intruder. Check him out (in his beloved flannel) in this great scene from the film:

Or this adorable scene of Stick Coder in Indian Summer:

Sam made appearances in a number of films such as Miller's Crossing, The Stand, Body Bags, and more. He also got to play the Charles Manson-esque baddie in Josh Becker's Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except (both the short and the feature):

 While the man was undeniably hot back in the day, I contend he's still
handsome today (see below for evidence). I could go on and on all day about how sweet, adorable, and talented Sam Raimi is but you get the idea. Now onto the eye candy!


Very rare, elusive shirtless photo!

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