Help bring 'Final Score' to DVD at last!

I made some awesome new Facebook friends last year thanks to the GGTMC (aka: Gentlemen's Guide to Midnight Cinema), a film podcast and community of bad-ass cinephiles. Now the GGTMC and OMG Entertainment are using crowd-sourcing to bring the under-appreciated 80s action flick, Final Score to DVD for fans to enjoy! You will no longer have to watch some grainy VHS rip your friend downloaded! 

Behold Chris Mitchum taking revenge upon the thugs who attacked his family in this over-the-top film full of explosions, motorcycle stunts, and hand-to-hand combat! The release will include commentary by GGTMC's hosts, Big Willy and the Samurai. 

In order for Final Score to get its DVD release, your help is needed! Follow the link below to get more information and to contribute - you will even get perks for contributing! There are only 18 days left as of today so please check it out and tell your friends!

Check out the trailer below: 

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