Interview: Mark Hartley (director of Patrick & Not Quite Hollywood)

My pal Justin sat down and interviewed director Mark Hartley on behalf of Viewer Discretion Advised this week. The two of them geeked out about Cannon Films, Pino Donaggio scores, and the original Ozploitation Patrick upon which Hartley's new remake, Patrick: Evil Awakens is based. 

If you have been skeptical about this remake, you want to give this interview a listen because it's refreshing to hear a genuine film fan like Hartley discuss why a remake can be a fantastic idea in some cases. Hartley wore his love of Ozploitation proudly with the wonderful doc, Not Quite Hollywood, and as I explained in my review of his remake, he has updated the original Patrick nicely.

Mark also discusses his next film projects, including another Ozploitation remake (that sounds awesome) and another film documentary you do not want to miss! Plus, we find out what kind of film him and Quentin Tarantino would hypothetically make if they could. Check it out below! And thank you to Justin for doing this interview when I couldn't - please check out Justin's Mondo Film Podcast and TV Store Online

Patrick: Evil Awakens is available on VOD, in Theaters and iTunes today, March 14th!

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