OMG I was on The Talking Dead!!

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If you watched The Talking Dead last night, you saw a girl ask a question via cue cards ala Love Actually and subsequently embarrass the crap out of Andrew Lincoln. Well, that was me! I submitted that video earlier in the week, but had no idea they were going to use it! I expected they were only taking live Skype callers, so when I did not hear anything, I gave up hope - until it aired and I flipped the fuck out! I made Chris Hardwick and Andrew Lincoln laugh and my life is now complete!

You can stream the whole episode HERE or just watch my bit below:

Lincoln and Gimple were so distracted they did not get to answer my question but they DID actually answer it in the bonus clips! Check that out HERE

If you're not familiar with the Love Actually moment I am referencing, watch the clip here.

If he thought that was embarrassing, he should be thankful I didn't start with "Hi Mr. Clutterbuck" as I originally planned ;)

Gifs c/o lydiagotstiles on Tumblr
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