Fate just gave us a black gift - SAMURAI COP IS ALIVE!

GUYS! I can barely form words right now. Samurai Cop fans like me have been living under the impression that star Matt Hannon has been dead for years. Nobody has heard from this guy, or knew the circumstances of his alleged death. Then, just a few days ago, this fucking video surfaced out of the blue and MY HEAD EXPLODED:

THIS IS FUCKING INSANE AND AMAZING! His co-star Mark Frazer has been talking on Facebook about Samurai Cop 2 and it sounds like Hannon will be involved, too! HOLY SHITBALLS! On top of that, my braincells are spontaneously combusting because how the fuck does Hannon look better now, at 50 years old, than he did then? Is he the real basis for Benjamin Button? What is happening?!

To learn a little more about Samurai Cop and why it rules, watch my episode of Trainwreck Cinema devoted to the cult classic:

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