First look at POV actioner, 'Hardcore'

Remember that insanely bad-ass Biting Elbows music video called "Bad Motherfucker" that all your friends were passing around a few years back? The first-person-shooter style one full of over-the-top action and gore? Yeah, this one:

How many times have you seen this screenshot now?

Well, the brains behind that video, Biting Elbows frontman Ilya Naishuller wrote and directed the forthcoming film, Hardcore starring genre favorite Sharlto Copley. An interview with the latter, and on-set footage from the set have surfaced, and it looks like Hardcore will not only keep the POV format but also be full of outrageous ultra-violence! 

Copley describes Hardcore as "the craziest and most different film I have ever been involved with. It's going to be something like a cross between a film, a video game and a roller-coaster ride in a cinema." Follow this link to check out the full video interview, including footage of gore and stunts in action:

Here are a few screencaps of the madness:

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