Is that Negan in The Walking Dead Season 5 trailer?!? (COMIC SPOILERS)

***Warning: The following contains spoilers from The Walking Dead comic books and POTENTIAL spoilers for season 5 of the television series***

I was just watching the newly-released The Walking Dead season 5 trailer out of San Diego Comic Con. Firstly, I'm not sure about the plot but it looks wonderfully gritty and bleak! I love that! The show really started to hit its stride in the last few episodes of season 4 and I am desperately hoping they keep that up! The first few minutes of the new trailer hint at some disturbing shit. There was also recent talk that the season 5 premiere might be "too disturbing to air." It made me think, "Man, I really hope they maintain this nastiness for when Negan shows up!"

Well, while watching the trailer, a very quick flash caught my eye:

If you are caught up on the comic books, you know about a very infamous scene between Negan and Glenn (**MAJOR COMIC BOOK SPOILERS AHEAD**):

Of course, Negan isnt bald nor is that guy wearing his signature leather jacket, but it's hard to not be alarmed by the baseball bat and Glenn's circumstances in that screenshot! 

While I don't believe that is ACTUALLY Negan (it's a bit too soon, don't you think?), I DO know that The Walking Dead team likes to rearrange moments from the comic books. For instance, Lizzie and Mika being stand-in's for Billy and Ben, or Hershel losing his leg in lieu of Dale. That list goes on and on. So it's actually very possible that Glenn's fate has been shifted into the hands of someone else.

What say you, Walking Dead fans?

Watch the new trailer for season 5 here:

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