Review: The Walking Dead - 'Thank You'

By: Heather Seebach

**Warning: The following contains major spoilers about S6E3**

Let's get this out of the way immediately as it's on everyone's mind: He's not fucking dead! If it seems too convenient that Nicholas fell on top of him, that's because it is. If it looked like those guts were not coming from Glenn's body, it's because they were not. How the hell Glenn will get out after I am not certain, but it has been suggested he could have crawled under the dumpster. As you can see, there is plenty of room for a Glenn under there...

 Frankly, I think it's cheap and tacky writing to not reveal Glenn's fate THIS episode and to drag out the drama like this. I expected to hear Glenn's voice come across Rick's walkie-talkie toward the end there but nope. Next week's episode looks like a bottle Morgan episode so that's a whole additional week they plan to prolong this - how silly. I think that feed store will still go up in flames and divert the herd, and that's probably how we'll learn Glenn survived.

Regardless, he lives. Main, original characters do not get vague, censored deaths like this. Furthermore, Scott Gimple's deliberate ambiguity - on The Talking Dead, he said, "We will see Glenn in some form again" - just adds to my point. And what a stupid way to kill off a beloved character - Nicholas AGAIN, and knocked into a pile of zombies. How anticlimactic! Those of you who follow the comics also know that this scene contradicts a massive plot point in the books. Regardless of how Glenn's fate turns out here, I suspect that moment from the comics is not going to happen now.

Now that the Glenn business is out of the way....wait, did anything else happen this episode? Basically, we catch up to where Rick & co. have been while episode 2 played out. There was yet another nameless Alexandrian who decided Rick is dangerous (and then immediately died); some rando in a floppy hat shot one of his own people (and then immediately died); and those Wolves that Morgan foolishly let live came after Rick (and then immediately died). 

Heath also joined the choir of obnoxious Alexandrians whining about Rick's people vs his people, until he got "Mich-owned." I think the best part of the whole episode was the end with Rick in the RV. Too much of everything else felt redundant - complaining Alexandrians and Nicholas being a pussy - but those RV moments were pretty tense. Even the scene on the dumpster ultimately pissed me off because I think the writers are just trolling us. Kill him or don't - enough with trying to be clever. BUT I DIGRESS! How cool was it when Rick took the automatic rifle to those sneaky fucks? And how will he get out of there now that the vehicle won't start?!

Burning questions I have from this episode:

1) What exactly happened to Rick's hand? Was it the machete in the zombie? And why is it emphasized so much? I was hoping it would be a bite so a certain comic book fan wish would come true at last...

2) I'm no Dexter Morgan but why does Nicholas' blood spatter come from the right side of Glenn's face?

That's it for now. Until next week....

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