Review: The Walking Dead - 'Now'

By: Heather Seebach

**Warning: The following contains spoilers about S6E5**

Remember how this show made us sit through a whole episode about a character we only barely like anymore since he found Aikido Jesus, right after a giant cliffhanger? Well, now we get to sit through an episode about characters we like even less as they bicker over soup rations, while we still have no resolution on said cliffhanger! Yay! 

I had heard some criticism about last week's episode "Here's Not Here" having bad writing but "Now" makes that one look like fucking Shakespeare by comparison. Random characters giving their opinion like we give a shit. "This place IS a graveyard!" WHO EVEN ARE YOU?! And why didn't Rick have a comeback for that? I guess he was too busy telling them to keep noise to a minimum while screaming out a rousing speech right by the fence.

 So the townsfolk see a few walkers, decide the world is ending, and go all dog-eat-dog almost immediately in the pantry. But it's okay, here comes Spencer (who?) to dissuade the angry, gathering. Riveting stuff here, people! Don't you know Spencer stopped that truck? I sure didn't! "Where were you, Bruce?!" Take that, Bruce! Wait, which one is Bruce, again?

Aaron's pity-party aside, the ONLY likable thing about this episode is his and Maggie's attempt to go find Glenn. Finally some characters we actually like portrayed by actors who aren't crap. I fully expected their tunnel adventure to end with them rescuing/finding Glenn so I am actually pleased with how it turned out. Maggie has a little breakdown where she has to accept she may never see Glenn again or know what happened to him. We also get the big (but inevitable) revelation that *gasp* she's preggo! They picked a fine time to stop wearing those supply-run condoms. Seriously, though, it was a good scene and Lauren Cohan was solid in it.

 Meanwhile, Deanna continues to look and act like a zombie herself. Her best moment was going all Jefe with the broken bottle (yes, like on Ash vs. Evil Dead) on that walker. The head, bitch, THE HEAD! The dialogue that followed between her and Rick may sound familiar to comic fans:

Carl and Ron continue to have a baby pissing match over a Wolf -  I mean girl - who couldn't give a fuck about either of them. Ron is just another douchebag character whose intentions make no sense and while his mother has lost a lot already, I hope that kid eats a bullet sooner rather than later. In other news, half-doctor lady still can't doctor (whoooo caarrrresss?!?) and Jessie and Rick start to hit it off again. The ONLY reason I want those two to get together is because of the awesome moment it leads to in the comic (but I shall say no more for spoilers sake....).

Here are my lingering questions from this episode:

1) Is Sam actually the Cookie Monster or what? What is with that kid and the fucking cookies?!

2) Can we talk about that totally unexpected and erotic romance scene?

 Mmmm, Tarman says send more Maggie's!

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