Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead - "D.U.I."

By: Heather Seebach

Picking up just moments after the shocking conclusion of episode 3, "D.U.I." wastes little time on tears and slips right back into disgusting, hilarious territory. Ash's beloved Delta 88 is still possessed and wreaking havoc on Elk Grove. While Ash searches for his metallic baby, Ruby is hunting down her own kids for fear they may find the Necronomicon first. Meanwhile, Pablo takes an unwanted joyride and goes face-to-face (literally) with the Book of the Dead. 

This episode fortunately gives Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi a lot more screen-time together. When Ash's own vehicle breaks bad, he needs some wheels and that's where Chet (Raimi) comes into it. Campbell and Raimi go way back, and Xena: Princess Warrior fans are no doubt anxiously awaiting a three-way reunion between those guys and Lucy Lawless on this show. For now, it is a treat just watching the boys together again, especially with Ted's signature Raimi hamming. 

Kelly joins Ruby in her quest, which is kind of boring and redundant if I'm being honest. The ladies kick deadite ass but there is nothing new here, save for a creepy jump-scare or two. I was more interested in Pablo's latest brutal premonition, which gives us our first little glimpse at Baal, the putative villain of this season. So far, we have only heard vague mentions of the name, and I am still hoping his eventual introduction is not a let-down.

Oblivious to the goings-on with Baal and his minions, Ash tracks the Classic to an abandoned Demolition Derby where he engages in a bullfight of sorts with the demonic car. There is a bit of cartoon-y CGI but hey, at least the gore isn't so digitized this season, yes? In truth, nothing about this episode takes itself seriously, from the gruesome opener to shtick-y banter between Ash and Chet. "D.U.I." is absolutely caked in blood and violence but the stakes do not feel especially high, not yet anyway. That is where I am hoping Baal will come into it -  the proverbial shit on the fan. 

Evil Dead fanatics should keep their eyes peeled this episode for little Easter eggs, like the many references to the local brew with an amusing name, or a familiar sticker on the rear window of the Classic...

"D.U.I." airs Sunday, October 23rd at 8:00 PM ET/PT on Starz

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