Terror Tourism: The Gorehound's Playground (Fort Collins, Colorado)

By: Heather Seebach

My full-time job involves a lot of travelling. Every time I visit a new city, my first order of business is finding the best spots for a horror nerd like myself. Consequently, I have become pretty good at it! That is why I decided to start a recurring feature dedicated to those places: Terror Tourism! If you love horror, cult film, b-movies, etc. like me, and you find yourself in a new town, allow me to be your guide.

The first edition of this new feature is dedicated to a little shop with a lot of heart in Fort Collins, Colorado. I discovered The Gorehound's Playground on a work trip to Denver - it was totally worth the drive up North, so much so that I visited again on a subsequent trip to the Mile High City. Opened on Halloween of 2017, the Playground is primarily a retail store, selling movies, artwork, collectibles, and more, but it also functions as an event and community gathering space. They host filmmaker networking events, private parties, and occasionally, movie screenings. Check out these comfy couches in their screening room where I watched the hilariously awful Ninja Zombie:

On my first visit, I had a great chat with owner Jeff Abbott who clearly shares my passion for horror and cult cinema. He has a desire to bring new fans into this counterculture but also to give existing fans a place to shop, share, and socialize in Northern Colorado. I was impressed with their wide selection of both mainstream and obscure films, including releases from Arrow, Synapse, Vinegar Syndrome, Severin, and The Criterion Collection. They carry both used and new films, and rent them out, as well. I picked up a couple Blu-rays for my collection back home, including Turkey Shoot, Contamination, and Demon Wind, plus some magnets and this sweet t-shirt that is basically me: 

In addition to the many products they sell, The Gorehound's Playground also acts as a consignment shop where local artists can feature and sell their art, music, and merchandise. There is just a great sense of community here that I love. This is the sort of rare place that I want to throw all my money at and hope it never closes - and I don't even live in Colorado! I just love that it exists at all. If I did live there, it would certainly be my second home. 

If you want to support them but do not live nearby, you can visit their online store HERE. You don't need Amazon to find good films - support small businesses like this! If you live in the Fort Collins area, or plan to visit, head over to 1125 W Drake Rd, Unit B-6. Watch an obscure film, or take some with you - whatever you do, check out The Gorehound's Playground!


Fort Collins Bonus: If you are in the area and have a grumbly tummy, grab a slice at Totally 80s Pizza, a 'za shop and museum dedicated to the greatest decade. With that theme, you know there must be a little something there for horror fans....

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