'Straw Dogs' poster also a lame remake

Director Rod Lurie tweeted the poster for his Straw Dogs remake early this morning. As uninspiring as the film's trailer was, the poster manages to be even lamer. Based on the trailer, the movie looks like it will be a scene-for-scene remake of Sam Peckinpah's classic with little more to add than a sexier cast. Likewise, the new poster is a replica of the famous original, only with Alexander Skarsgard shoved in there awkwardly. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two posters:

Now, which one is grittier to you? The original is so simplistic in its message. And it certainly wasn't worried about shoving the handsome rapist's face in there. Hey folks, look at the new and improved Straw Dogs poster - now with 100% more rapists!

Furthermore, the original film was not about the lead character versus one man. It had more to do with Hoffman's character struggling with his maculinity and dignity. He has no particular beef with this one man (in fact, in the original, *SPOILER* he remained oblivious to what said man did to his wife). So all this makes the forceful inclusion of Skarsgard's face even more irritating.

Am I overreacting? What do you think of this remake? To check out the trailer, go here.

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