Halloween Costumes Inspired by 2012 Genre Films

Last year, Viewer Discretion Advised provided some Halloween costume suggestions based on the year's best genre films, including Hobo with a Shotgun, Insidious, Drive, and more. Check it out here if you missed it. Any of those ideas would still make for a sweet costume in 2012, but if you are looking for something fresh (and don't want to be Bane like everyone else), then try these on for size!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abe Lincoln costumes are easy enough to come by. They range from $40 (like this one) to Party City's $80 version. All you need to turn this one into a vampire hunter is the axe - like this one. For a little extra oomph, carry around a vampire head like this one sold at Spirit Halloween stores.

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Moderate

Dredd 3-D

If you have a ton of money lying around, you could always go for this replica Judge Dredd costume. Or if you'd like to try making your own, here are some tips from a cosplayer. 

Difficulty: Easy to Hard
Expense: Pricey

If you are a lady and/or would like a Dredd costume on the cheaper side, consider the villainous Ma-Ma! 

That wicked scar is easily obtained with multiple layers of rigid collodion, which you can find at theatrical costume shops or various spots online. For the rest of the costume, some fake tattoos and a loose-hanging tank top (like this) will do. If you really want to seal that cracked-out look, get some black tooth make-up (like this one sold at Spirit Halloween). For the extra touch, an asthma inhaler can double as Slo-Mo. 

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Cheap to Moderate  

[REC]3: Genesis

Ladies, if you prefer elelegance to Ma-Mas grunginess, look no further. To be this Spanish bad-ass, you will first need the bridal gown - I suggest your local thrift store. They often carry used bridal dresses, so find a crappy one you can rip and bloody up. Tear it so that one leg is exposed and throw a red garter belt on there (like this). Throw lots of fake blood on the dress and make the bottom nasty with some mud. And finally, the chainsaw - eBay will be your best friend here, but you can also try Craigslist, yard sales, and your dad.

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Moderate


This costume can vary in difficulty and expense, depending on how screen-accurate you want it to be. The exact jacket Joseph Gordon-Levitt wears in the film can be bought here (in dark brown). And he gray workpants are similar to these (in fatigue color). For cheaper alternatives, try the thrift store for a comparable jacket and pants - you'll be surprised what you can find sometimes. The most important part of the costume is the gun, the blunderbuss. 

You can read these tips from the cosplayer above to make a very accurate replica of the gun, but I suggest playing around with objects (PVC, aluminum pipes, paper towel rolls, etc), superglue, and spray paint to make something that looks well enough like a blunderbuss

Difficulty: Moderate
Expense: Moderate to Pricey


The look of the menace from Ti West's short (above) is easy to pull off with this mask from Spirit Halloween and a black hoodie. If you want props, go for a camcorder and a knife.

Difficult: Easy
Expense: Easy  

If you want to be more ambitious, you could also take a stab at the "I like you" lady monster from David Brucker's short. Look for all-sharp teeth such as these. Black contact lenses may help the effect, as well. For the face, you can try multiple layers of liquid latex (Spirit Halloween sells it) and tear it open to create the "opening" down the bridge of the nose. One-ply tissues under the latex can help build thickness and texture. Use FX make-up for the face, and throw fake blood around the mouth. 

Killer Jo

To pull off the look of Matthew McConaughey's twisted hitman, you basically want to dress like Johnny Cash. That is to say, a black suit with cowboy boots and a black cowboy hat. Complete the look with aviator sunglasses and a well-place fried chicken leg.

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Cheap to Moderate  

Cabin in the Woods

While you could certainly dress up as any of the various monsters portrayed in this film, I think it would be fun instead to get four of your friends together and go as the horror movie archetypes. Accurate costumes are not necessary, just follow this outline:

1) The Jock - The centerpiece is a letter jacket. Carry a football.

2) The Nerd - Dress conservatively and wear glasses. Carry a book.

3) The Slut - Dress like a stupid whore. Behave accordingly. 

4) The Stoner - Sloppy clothes, messy hair, and maybe some red makeup under your eyes. A bong makes a great prop.

5) The Virgin - Wear something your grandmother would approve of.

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Cheap to Moderate

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