Want to own ED-209? Of course you do!

In two days, the production asset management company Hollywood Parts will be selling some some major movie props and costumes via their first online auction. There will be 200-300 items from various well-known movies, but most importantly - they will be auctioning off ED-209! Specifically, the full-sized model used in Robocop 2. Wouldn't you love to own your own "urban pacification" machine? According to the auction information:

It may have been used as a stand-in for the robot during production or created as a marketing piece to promote the movie. It stands at over 10 feet tall on two hind legs built with pneumatic cylinders. The moving parts have not been tested. This robot has been in storage for quite some time. There is electrical wiring for the hydraulics to work with the leg extensions and to rotate the body portion.

OVER TEN FEET TALL. The starting bid is $5,000 and the online auction begins on iCollector this Saturday, May 25th at 9am PT/12pm ET. Here's the link to the auction:

Full disclosure - I named ED-209 among the Wussiest Robots in Movie History (read to find out why), but I'd still love to have a gorgeous piece of movie memorabilia like this! Someone please buy this beauty and ride it to the premiere of the remake! You have 20 seconds to comply!

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