Horror-Themed Cakes and Goodies - PART 2

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 As someone planning a wedding herself, I've seen my share of horror cakes (I want them all!!), so I figured I'd share some of the talented pastry artists out there with you guys. Check these out:

Little (Black) Cherry Cake Company (UK)
This cake company has more awesome treats than I can even mention! Here are a few greats:

Cake not your thing? How about some Michonne cookies?

This famous cake shop with their own tv show hails from my hometown! Check out these horrific creations:

Debbie literally wrote the book on twisted horror cakes.

Sideserf Cake Studio (Texas)

That severed head cake is of the bride and groom. That's my kind of couple!

Buttercups by Bezmerelda (UK)

Finally, some adorable horror cupcakes! 
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