Horror-Themed Cakes and Goodies - PART 1

As someone planning a wedding herself, I've seen my share of horror cakes (I want them all!!), so I figured I'd share some of the talented pastry artists out there with you guys. Check it out:

Cakes by Timbo (Ohio)

I love this elegant but comprehensive cake tribute to horror!

Alien macaroons and horror cakepops, oh my!

Check out this eerily accurate doomsday horse cake!

 Conjurer's Kitchen (UK)

How about a terrifying life-sized Dexter cake?


Watch out for those pins! Ouch.

Artisan Cake Company (Oregon)

The best zombie cake I've ever seen.

Julie Freund (Wisconsin)

Critters and double-sided Large Marge! You don't see that everyday!

Gem's Treasures (UK)

If this cake company wasn't an ocean way from me, it would seriously be my wedding cake. No joke.

Check out this life-sized zombie cake made for the Walker Stalker Convention!

 And these bad-ass cakes made for Spooky Empire!

Jet City Cakes (Washington)

This Giger-esque Alien wedding cake is just brilliant.

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