Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati 2014 - Friday Recap

By: Heather Seebach

This past weekend, yours truly set forth on her first mid-west horror convention experience. I chose Horrorhound Weekend to be my first and only because a) I've heard amazing things; and b) EVIL DEAD REUNION! As most of you know, I'm more than a little obsessed with that film series, so I had to be there. I was especially excited to meet Evil Dead 2 cast members who rarely or never do cons! Here is a run-down of my weekend!


After a 9-hour drive through weather that ranged from western Maryland blizzard to 70 degree Ohio, we finally arrived in Cincinnati and checked into the shithole that is the Raddison but I'll spare you my rants about that place. We immediately headed across the street to the Sharonville Convention Center and the line was not as bad as I feared. After 45 minutes or so, we were wristbanded and checking out the goods. The big vendor room was much larger than I'm used to at East Coast cons like MonsterMania, though I did see some familiar faces (e.g., Fright-Rags; Curious Goods).

 Between driving and con exploring, I had no time to catch a movie but Friday saw screenings of feature films HI-8, Wrath of the Crows, Time to Kill, and Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol 1. The short films presented that day included Dark Magic, Counter Magic; In Fear of: Agoraphobia; Play Me; and It's Only Death

I don't usually go into what I ate at the convention (who cares, right?) but it's worth mentioning that Horrorhound had an awesome cafeteria filled with vendors, providing every comfort food you could want, including tacos, pizza, grilled cheese, smoothies, cajun, homestyle, chili, and hot dogs. My Friday night dinner consisted of Zombie Dogz' "Calling in Dead" which is basically a hot dog (veggie dog in my case) smothered with mac n' cheese. Mmmmm delicious.

On Friday, I managed to catch the Tucker & Dale cast panel hosted by Miss Kristy Jett. It was a hilarious panel thanks to the equally charming and funny Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk. Plus, the guys dropped an amazing bomb on the crowd when they announced a Tucker & Dale vs. Evil sequel is in the works! Here's a clip of that moment:

Other events from that day included a You're Next panel featuring Sharni Vinson, LC Holt, and Lane Hughes, plus Charles Band's Full Moon Road Show. My Friday night concluded with the Crawford Theatre Company's production of Evil Dead: The Musical. I'd already seen that production 5 times prior but naturally I had to go again. Unfortunately, it was amateur and riddled with production errors so I ducked out early for bed.

Next up: Saturday!

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