Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati 2014 - Saturday Recap

By: Heather Seebach

To read my recap of Friday, click here!


On Saturday morning, I wasted no more time seeing what I came all the way to Ohio for - the Evil Dead 2 reunion! The centerpiece of our living room - my ED2 UK quad poster - now has signatures from Danny Hicks, Richard Domeier, Kassie DePaiva, Joseph LoDuca, and Sarah Berry! I opted not to endure the brutal lines for Bruce Campbell - I've met him before and am confident I will again. Sadly, Ted Raimi cancelled last minute but I'll sure we'll meet again someday. Sam, too ;) Until then, here is the poster so far:

My Evil Dead poster also gained another signature from the very pleasant Joe LoDuca. Meeting all of them was a great treat! This was the first con ever for Sarah and Richard! While Mr. Hicks has done a couple conventions, he's never really ventured east so I was happy to finally meet him in person!

Afterwards, I caught some of the Horror Host Hall of Fame Ceremony where 50 horror hosts were inducted into the Hall of Fame and tribute paid by some well-known horror hosts, both local and otherwise. They also dedicated an award to late legend, Forrest J. Ackerman.

Next up came the panel I of course had been waiting for! Bruce Campbell hosted the panel that included all the attending cast members from Evil Dead 1 and 2. As Bruce reminded the crowd, this is the only time all these people have been in one place since the movies were filmed! The crowd was a bit shy to ask questions (and those that did get asked were kinda crappy) but the cast swapped on-set horror stories and Bruce kept things lively and hilarious as always. Here is a clip where Bruce introduces Danny Hicks and the two riff on each other (then Bruce discusses how hot female Ash's are haha):

Other highlights included: Kassie DePaiva recreating the laughing cushions sound effect; Betsy Baker talking about smooching Bruce and how she'd do it again in a heartbeat; and the cast making fun of Bruce's yellow pimp shoes. The panelists were also asked how they liked the Evil Dead remake (Tom Sullivan loved it and insisted it's actually a sequel - go Tom!), and there was a hilarious moment when, asked if they'd do another ED movie, everyone raised their hands except Hal Delrich who's face looked like, Are you all fucking nuts?! Here is a funny clip of Danny recounting how Bruce kicked him in the balls on the set of ED2:

Features that were screened on Saturday included the horror con documentary, Fantasm; artist Nathan Thomas Milliner's A Wish For the Dead (world premiere); zombie documentary, Doc of the Dead; Aussie remake Patrick: Evil Awakens [my review]; and the world premiere of House of the Witch Doctor. Short films included Call Girl Service; Pity; Baggage [my review]; In Fear of: Scotomaphobia; Til Death; The Days God Slept; and Necro-Beasti-Philiac.

I caught the tail-end of the Boondock Saints panel, wherein Sean Patrick Flanery told a hilarious story about pranking Norman Reedus on the set. Firstly, his impression was dead-on and hilarious - he flattened his hair down over his eyes, lowered his head, and impersonated Reedus in a shy, scratchy voice. It was great. Flanery said it's tradition to give a wrap gift to your co-stars so he gave Norman a dozen donuts, which he repeatedly urged him to eat. A week or so after he did, Sean sent Norman a photo of himself, naked with a donut around his dick. Or as Flanery so elegantly put it: "My trouser-worm through a glaze!" That story and SPF's tirade about why men should never wear boxers ("You don't just let them DANGLE! Wrap that shit up TIGHT!") make me wish I saw the whole panel even though I'm not a fan of the Saints

Afterwards came the Horrors of Cosplay panel which boasted some awesome costumes! Best in Show went to this GIANT wolf costume...

 Best Children's costume went to a lil Sophia and Daryl who were just precious:

Best Original went to The Glamoursteins, who totally deserved it! The light-up outfits, make-up, the concept, and general attention to detail were stunning!

Best Movie costume went to this awesome Angel of Death from Hellboy 2:

For more great cosplay, stay tuned for my Sunday recap where I'll have lots more pictures!

Saturday night events included the Night Terrors Concert featuring Calabrese, Harley Poe, American Werewolves, For the Wolf, and Creeping Cruds. Personally, I bypassed it for the HHW party at the Coco Key Water Park in the hotel! I'm not particular fond of getting in swim gear in public but it was so much goddamn fun I'm glad I did. Saturday night I also got to meet some long-time internet friends face-to-face which was wonderful. I also cannot emphasize enough how awesome it is to get drunk and play in a water park with a bunch of horror fans (and even some celebrities)! There is a bar IN the water park, folks! Plus, an arcade!

So that was my Saturday - it began with Evil Dead and ended with me being drunk and wet. I'd say that's a good day. 

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