Interview: Matt Hannon of 'Samurai Cop'

The world has lost a lot of great people these last few months but amidst all that tragedy, there was a resurrection! Back in June, Samurai Cop star Matt Hannon - long believed to be dead - posted a YouTube video telling the world he was in fact alive! Yours truly promptly shit herself and then proceeded to reach out to Mr. Hannon. As it turns out, he is not only alive (and looking astoundingly good for 50) but one of the nicest, most sincere people one could hope to ever encounter.

With the second coming of Samurai Cop is upon us, I asked to interview Matt and he readily agreed! I invited my good friends at The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnight Cinema to join me in talking to this cult cinema icon. Please click below to give our joint-podcast a listen! In it, Matt goes into life, film, and the cult of Samurai Cop. You'll hear exclusive stories about his days working with Stallone and Schwarzenegger. Plus, Amir Shervan and Robert Z'Dar anecdotes! And find out what the fuck was up with that yarn lion head!

Also, please, PLEASE visit the Kickstarter page for Samurai Cop 2 right here.


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