Halloween Costumes Inspired by 2013 Genre Films

By: Heather Seebach

For the last two years, I have given you some fun costume ideas based on genre films of that year. Here is 2011, which included Hobo with a Shotgun, Drive, Attack the Block and more! And here is last year's, which included Dredd, Looper, Cabin in the Woods, etc. Well, it's almost that time again, so here are some ideas for costumes inspired by 2013's genre films, including levels of difficulty and expense:

Insidious: Chapter 2

 This will be especially creepy if you are a dude, as this ghostly character was portrayed by a man in both films! Cover your face in white cream makeup and use black to color the lips, frown lines, eyebrows, etc. The tackier the better. Spirit also sells this Beetlejuice kit, which should have just about everything you need, including tooth wax! As for the costume, you need a black poofy dress, black veil, and old lady wig. Thrift stores are VERY useful, but there's always eBay:

Gothic Veil

A dress like this (but shop around - you can find cheaper) 


Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Moderate

If you'd rather be the other terrifying lady of the film, the mother of death, here are some tips:

- Long, off-white silk dress. Could do something like this or this one. Look around at vintage shops, thrift stores, Etsy, and eBay. If you want the earrings, any clunky gold earrings should do.

- Again, white cream makeup; heavy black eyebrows and eyeliner; bright red lipstick; some purple under the eyes; and black or purple nail polish.

- If you already have long dark hair you can pull back in a bun , great, powder it with flour or corn starch. If not, find yourself a cheap grey wig, or a black one you can powder.

- The key to pulling off this character? Act over-the-top and INSANE.

Difficulty: Moderate
Expense: Moderate

Here's a wardrobe photo of the two ladies for comparison:

 You're Next

You can find the animal masks on eBay anywhere from $30-$100 a piece. The cheapest costume for sure is the fox guy - jeans, a dark hoodie, and a machete complete the look. Spritz some fake blood on the mask if you like. If you prefer the look of the other two invaders, check military supply stores or online for army-style pants, boots, and cargo vests like this one. Ax and/or crossbow recommended.

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Moderate to Expensive

If you prefer to be the badass heroine Erin, it's pretty easy. Long-sleeve grey tee, jeans, bloody bandage wrapped around your thigh, and an ax. If you need a wig, try this one (flatiron the bangs).

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Moderate (or cheap if you already have some of the clothes)

The World's End

There are two slightly different versions of Gary King you can do. Both involve the following:

- This Sisters of Mercy t-shirt
- Blank pants and black button-up shirt
- a black duster or trendcoat. As always, check thrift shops and eBay.
- Some tacky goth jewelry
- Optional: Sling this over your neck

For the version of Gary in the film's final scene *POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD* add a black bandana over your mouth, a black cowboy hat, and a medieval-style sword slung over your back.

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Moderate

 Kick-Ass 2

Okay, this is not handmade, but if you're truly lazy or short on time, Spirit sells this for $50


Difficulty: Ridiculously Easy
Expense: Moderate

 Evil Dead

Mia's outfit in the film's climax is simple but recognizable, and pretty easy to accomplish.Get yourself a short red dress with long sleeves. Something like this. Add flat ankle/mid-calf boots and a chainsaw - real, fake, whatever - and you're set.

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Cheap to Moderate


If you wanna do something really special, here are step-by-step instructions on how to build your own exo-suit!


Difficulty: Hard
Expense: Pricey

Pacific Rim (for the kids)

Spirit sells Pacific Rim costumes! Sadly, only in children's size. But if your little tykes wanna go Trick or Treating as Gypsy Danger or Cherno Alpha, they can! $30 each


Difficulty: Ridiculously Easy
Expense:  Moderate

 The Conjuring

If you really wanna scare the piss out of people this Halloween, how about dressing up as Annabelle the doll? Here is a video tutorial to show you how to do the costume:

Check thrift stores, online, etc. for a doll-like gown or robe, and the strawberry blonde wig (regular blonde will do, too) at wig shops, eBay, etc.

Difficulty: Moderate
Expense: Cheap to Moderate

The Lords of Salem

To pull off that Sheri Moon Zombie look, find yourself a blonde dreadlock wig like this one; a black-and-white striped sweater like this one (shred it a little with a rock); and use the aforementioned white cream makeup and black makeup crayon like these to re-create her face.

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Cheap to Moderate


 This funny costume was done by a cosplayer at San Diego Comic Con. It looks like she used some wire, grey fabric, and cotton, plus some toy sharks. Don't put too much thought into this one - the filmmakers sure as hell didn't.

Difficulty: Easy
Expense: Cheap to Moderate
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