Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati 2014 - Sunday Recap

By: Heather Seebach

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On my last day at Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati, I did a final sweep of the vendors room, where I thankfully found this awesome magnet I had somehow overlooked:

That of course is deadite Ash from Evil Dead 2 and he's holding a jar of dirt that came from the original Evil Dead's set! He happily joins all the other horror magnets on my fridge now :) Speaking of Evil Dead, I finally found a few minutes to check out Tom Sullivan's Evil Dead museum (it was packed all weekend!) and geeked out over his collection and artwork. Sadly, I had come there to buy a Kandarian dagger replica but he sold them all! No mind, though, I got one another way ;)

I had hoped to see Blood Glacier (formerly known as The Station) when it played on Sunday but unfortunately that did not pan out. The other feature of the day was Trick 'r Treat, hosted by horror host, Fritz the Nite Owl. Shorts included The Hourglass Figure and In Fear Of: Merinthophobia. Also, Clint Howard did a Q&A that morning. Personally, my afternoon involved eating a glazed donut grilled cheese (which sounds nasty but is amazing) from Tom+Chee, and meeting the insanely sweet and adorable Sharni Vinson who signed my You're Next DVD. I wish I had thought to bring a blender like some other clever fan did! She loved that!

Horrorhound Weekend was a blast and truly an ED fan's heaven. I got to meet some folks who shaped my taste in movies, and some folks I have met through a shared love of those movies! I was delighted to meet long-time Facebook friends like Lyndell, Mike D., Jessica, Heather C., and Steve who interviewed me and may put me in an ED fan documentary! And of course, I finally met VDA contributing writer and my Raimi sister herself, Stacy Still (sporting matching hoodies with my in the photo at the top of this page)!

Enough about me, I'll leave you with some of the amazing cosplay I saw all weekend:

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